We love street food

We're very excited that we will be able to go through with our June 5th late night rally, but as a pre-order/carry-out ONLY event. All CDC guidelines will be followed to ensure the safety of vendors, staff, and all attendees. Hand sanitizer will be on site. To pre-order from each vendor that is offering the option, please see below.


Instructions for pickup will be outlined on site and staff (with masks) will help to direct you with the pick-up process. Please follow these simple steps to enjoy the event.  And, please come to support our street food businesses and help them get "rolling-ready" for summer.   

A big thank you to the street food vendors, our staff, and the community for allowing us to host these events.  The next rally is still scheduled for July 10 on Water Street in downtown Kalamazoo. We will post any necessary updates.



lease note each vendor has different cut off times. All before 3 p.m. on June 5, 2020.

Kalamazoo Food Truck Rally celebrates some of the best food served in Kalamazoo County. The location is a bit urban and sets the right space for enjoying food, music, and people. The Food Truck Rally is hosted right after Art Hop ends during the months of May through October. The official hours are from 8 pm to 11 pm. 

Parking for Food Truck Rallies can be found at any of the parking structures or along the side streets, please watch for the towing zones, because your car will get towed if parked in one of these spots. 


We know that times are very scary, frustrating, and stressful. We want you to know that here at KELC, we are here for you and want to help out in any way we can. With that being said, we also want to shine light on our Food Truck Community and remind our locals that most of them are still open for business! 


Some vendors are doing carry out, delivery, catering to small groups of essential employees.. and some are doing all of the above! Reach out with any inquiries and we'd love to direct you to the right place!


Stay up to date on our Facebook Page, and also the NEW Kalamazoo Mobile Menu Page!




PLEASE - Stay healthy, stay safe, and

stay HOME!

Any Questions? Contact us! 

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